Resume for Robert Nall

[pdf version]
4707 Santa Lucia Dr.
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
rnall [at] redrovergames [dot] com


  • Game/Systems Design (including rapid prototyping, iterative design, pre-production problem solving)
  • Gameplay Balancing
  • Team Management
  • Asset Management
  • Level Design
  • Broad Technical Skills
    • Game Enginge Scripting (Unreal Development Kit, Unity 3D/iphone, Torque 3D/Game Builder, Coldstone)
    • Level Building (Unreal Editor, QuArK)
    • 3D Modeling (Cinema 4D, MilkShape 3D, BodyPaint, LithUnwrap)
    • Image Manipulation/Visual Effects (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Commotion, Curious gFx)
    • Programming (C/C++, Javascript, Objective-C, C#)


Red Rover Games — Van Nuys, CA
Creative Director and Founder (November 2006 – Present)

  • Led the development of all Red Rover Games’ titles from concept to completion
  • Managed teams of up to five full-time developers
  • Designed gameplay, user interfaces, level progressions, game modes, and levels
  • Was responsible for gameplay prototyping, level scripting, QA, and scheduling
  • Leveraged the use of existing game engine technologies (e.g. Unity 3D, Torque Game Builder)
  • Titles: Safari Sketch (PC), Scrambled (PC/Web), Lost in the Labyrinth (PC/Web), Brain Breaker (PC)

FlickerTail Interactive — West Fargo, ND
Contract Unity 3D Developer (February 2009 – June 2009)

  • Scripted user interface and gameplay
  • Assisted in designing the game to fit the budget and needs of the client and fixed pre-production design issues
  • Assembled assets to create the final, shipped product
  • Created custom shader materials
  • Titles: Honor the Beat (PC)

Designimations — Houston, TX
Contract Unity 3D Developer (February 2009 – March 2009)

  • Assisted in designing the game to fit the budget and needs of the client and continued polishing the design throughout development
  • Scripted gameplay, cinematics, level scenarios, and user interface
  • Optimized 3D assets and textures
  • Developed an asset creation pipeline for 3D animated character meshes
  • Assembled the assets to create the final pitch prototype
  • Titles: FireSim (PC)

11:11 MediaWorks — Van Nuys, CA
Lead Game Developer (January 2004 – November 2006)

  • Designed gameplay, levels, user interface, vehicles, and initial concept
  • Managed a team of 12 full-time and contract designers, artists, engineers, and musicians
  • Scripted and coded network-multiplayer gameplay, racing AI, rewards system, user interface, level-building tools, audio, vehicle customizations, physics, asset loading, and camera systems
  • Created 3D assets (vehicles, level objects, etc.) using poly-modeling, and brush-based modeling
  • Completed various other art-related tasks including: texturing, lighting, UV mapping, and creating UI elements
  • Titles: R/C Muscle (PC)


Cogswell Polytechnical College, 1999-2004
Bachelor of Arts in Computer and Video Imaging concentrating in Game Design;
Additional coursework in Software Engineering

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